Exercise Requirements


Pennsylvania State University

R Packages

If you use renv to manage package dependencies in your projects, you can visit the GitHub repository for this project and download the renv.lock, .Rprofile, and renv/activate.R files, before running the command renv::restore(). Alternatively, if you already use GitHub, you could clone the project and just run renv::restore().

If you would prefer to just install the packages manually to avoid the complications associated with using renv, you can install the packages printed below.


Data Files

To complete the exercises, some data files are required. The exercises should load the datafiles via urls, but if you would prefer to download them to your own machine, your are welcome to do so. To download the files, go to the GitHub repository and download the files in the data/ folder of your repository. You should then uncomment the lines of code that run ... <- rio::import(here::here("data", ...)), and comment out the lines that include the URLs.